Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Butterfly blessing

I had a whole blog all typed up and ready to post yesterday and like a dummy I did not think to save it anywhere before I tried to publish it. Of course, I ended up losing the whole thing and now I have to re-type it! That’s ok though, because it’s worth retelling the story.
Yesterday, Aaron and I were out for a hike and we had a cool butterfly encounter. We were taking a break, sitting on a blanket, when I reached for my water and a huge Monarch butterfly flew around my hand for an extended period of time, flew into the trees above us and after I said, “come back little butterfly”, it flew back to me and touched my forehead then flew away. Aaron said it looked like the butterfly blessed me. It was an amazing experience.

Funny enough, I have been thinking about painting butterflies since we have been out hiking and now I have the sign that that is what I should indeed be painting. (As far as I am concerned anyway) I know some may say it’s silly to believe such things, but I do. Of course it's just another of the many things on the list to paint.

People have often asked me how I choose what to paint. Most often the ideas just come to me. I can almost always count on several ideas coming along on a hike. Must be the fresh air and exercise! The problem most of the time is choosing what to paint out of all the ideas. There is not enough time in the day, week, year to paint them all.

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