Tuesday, May 31, 2005

one of those days

It's been a while, I've been busily working on my commissions. Finished the second pottery drawing for the first commission, I will post it later. I'm close to finishing the portrait for the second commission also. Looking forward to finishing so I can get back to my own work. I have been making jewelry while working on the commissions. Mostly hemp with beads. It is a relaxing hobby to do while watching tv.
Today started out as one of those days, until I received a couple of kind emails from collectors of my work. It is amazing how a simple email can make my day when I'm feeling a little blah! I think that is my favorite part of being an artist. Getting letters or email from strangers who have been touched in some way by my art. That's why I do what I do. It is inspiring to know that I can have an effect on people I have never and may never meet. Although it can also be a little embarrassing to have someone go on about my work, it truly makes all the hard work and rejection worth while!

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