Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Introducing......Chroma Studios!

Here are some photos of the new space.

Reception area

My Studio

My studio, looking into the reception area

Aaron's Studio
My husband and I both have our studios here, plus there are 7 other studios.

One space left!

Currently there are 6 other artists with one empty studio. 1 mixed media artist, 2 photographers, 4 painters and 1 musician. I have someone coming to see the last space tomorrow. I will get links up to all the other artist websites soon.

Multipurpose room

We are planning our grand opening show for the first week in May. Not sure about the exact date yet. I will keep you updated on that. We also have a conference room/classroom/gallery space. Let's just call it our multipurpose room.

One of my favorite spaces is the patio out on the roof! We sit out there on sunny days and eat our lunch.


cynthia said...

This space and all the studios looks fantastic! Congratulations!

Raine K said...

Wow Paula! That looks like a great space!! So light-filled! and the deck is fab!
May I ask what the last studio will be renting for? (I'm mostly dreaming - but tax return money is coming soon)