Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Besides painting my rear off this week, I'm working on designing and building frames for my daily journal paintings. I am using raw lumber (1 x 3") to create my own frame moulding which will ultimately result in handmade, handpainted frames to compliment my smaller, 8 inch square paintings on canvas board. I will post photos once I get some completed. I have just finished putting the frames together and now I'm sanding and gessoing them to get ready for painting.

Earlier today I started my largest spiral abstract painting to date. It is on a 40 inch square gallery wrapped canvas. I've picked a color combo of yellow, red and brown. One of my favorite combos for sure. This painting WILL be finished for the Gallery show in Gallup August 9th. I'm thinking only positively on this one. I got quite a late start on painting it, but I will not give up until it's complete. I guess it's true that I have always worked best under pressure.

In addition to all that, I have to restock my matted prints to get ready for another weekend at the Tijeras Art Market. I just love that place! If you haven't been there and you get the chance, you should definitely check it out! The shady trees, the mountain breeze and of course the art! Also, there is always live music to enjoy too!

I will try to get some photos posted by the end of the week, although I can't promise anything with all I have going on!

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Mary said...

Nice work as usual, Paula! Hope you do ppost pictures of the Tijeras Market. Sounds very interesting.