Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm back!

Last week was spring break, so I was out spending time with the family. We went to Las Cruces on Monday to surprise my brother for his birthday. We went camping Wednesday, planning to stay out until Friday, until it snowed on us the first night. So we came back on Thursday and spent the rest of the week spring cleaning the house.

This week I will be super busy getting ready to move into a new booth at the 4th Street Village Market, where I will sell my older prints and handpainted furniture. We have to build a couple of walls and I have lots of furniture to get painted! I will post photos sometime this week.

Anyway, figured I'd better update you all before you start to think I've disappeared!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful She's back folks!!!! *Jumps up and down in excitment* Really look forward to seeing what you make! Glad you spend time with family. Family means sooo much. :) *HUGS*

Mary Timme said...

Yea! She's back. Sounds like a good time and a busy week coming up. Sorry about that, but sometimes that happens. It will be fun though!

Cynthia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Spring break! I enjoyed having my daughter around last week, and am looking forward to summer already!

It's sounds like you're going to continue to be busy...and that's good. BTW, I'm almost done with my questions for you. : )

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

thanks for the comments, it's good to know I was missed!!

Cynthia, looking forward to the questions!! :)