Saturday, December 30, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

It has already been quite the winter here in Albuquerque! On the 19th we had about 3 inches and then yesterday it started snowing in the late morning and didn't stop until this morning, so we woke up to 10 inches this morning!!!

Aaron and I took a walk over to the park and then down to the river and got some great shots of the snow! The first shot is of two of my sons and their friend on the 19th during the first snow, the second shot was taken last night and the rest are from this morning. Happy New Year!

This is the most snow we've seen since we lived in Colorado, and I guess they are getting even more snow up there! According to the local news this is a record amount of snow for Albuquerque. Other parts of the city have more than a foot.

Update: It started snowing again, it may not stop until tomorrow morning. I talked with my mom who lives on the east side, closer to the mountains and she said they got around 18 inches!

Our front yard last night, before all the snow fell
Looking east on Glendale Rd.

Looking down at the park from the top of the hill

Rio Grande with ice!

Bosque trees in the snow


andrea said...

I can't imagine -- snow in New Mexico. I mean, we don't get much snow here north of the 49th on the west coast! I love your spiral work.

Cynthia said...

Your photos are fantastic! Before we had my daughter, my husband and I took a camping trip through NM, CO and AZ. We camped in the mountains outside of Taos and it was so beautiful! I was surprised that there was skiing there!

The snow is really pretty...though I'm ready for some melt to happen.

Happy New YEar!

JoyceB said...

It's amazing... Snow in NM & we've had weeks of 50 degree temps (very warm for us in Dec) and only one decent snow. We're in NW Illinois & I can vividly remember frigid winters with snow so deep we would dig tunnels into it. Now my children can't believe it when I tell them about it. They see only one or two good snowfalls per winter!

BTW - I'm also a member of Worldwide Women Artists, & found the link to your blog in your recent email to the list. Would it be alright if I add a link to you in my own blog?

jafabrit said...

oh my, the snow pics are really something else. I really really loved the trees.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks all for your comments.

We are pretty amazed at the snow too! This was a record breaking snow for Albuquerque. There is always plenty of snow in the mountains around us, but the city rarely gets snow like this! In fact, it's still on the ground a week later, which is really strange. Usually snow melts within a day or two. Of course the temp hasn't gone over 40 degrees since it snowed.
Thanks for the comments on the photos too, I'm planning to print some and put them up for sale in my etsy shop.

mcaplan said...

These photos need to be blown up and printed! So gorgeous!!!!OMG!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks Michelle! One of these days I will get to that! Maybe this coming week.

Thanks for visiting my blog too!