Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where have I been?

progress photo #2 of portrait commission
I know, gap in postings!

Yesterday was my youngest son's 14th birthday! How did my baby get so old so fast??!! I cannot believe how fast it goes by! My oldest son will be 21 in March!

I also have another large mat order to cut. Started on it Friday. Haven't done any daily painting in a few days. Right now my goal is to finish the portrait before I do anymore daily paintings. It has already taken too long. I hate to make people wait longer than a month for a commission and it will be one month on the 9th. So......I have to get busy. Today I'm posting another progress photo of the portrait (Finally!), but even this photo is a little dated. I will take a new photo at the end of the day today. It has already come a long way since this photo was taken.

The free hugs campaign sure is popular! I showed the video to my teenage sons and now they want to go downtown with free hugs signs. I may just take them up on it and go with them. What a wonderful mother/sons thing to do, don't you think? Thanks to everyone who linked to my blog because of the video. Wouldn't it be great to start seeing people holding free hugs signs everywhere?! Even better, for people to just start hugging strangers WITHOUT the use of the signs!

Top everything off with the fact that my back, neck and shoulders have been killing me for the past 2 weeks! It does no good to go to the doctor, they just tell me I need to exercise my back muscles because I have a large bra size! So....I've been exercising religiously for 3 years and STILL the back pain. I guess I should go back to the doctor, but I know they'll suggest surgery or prescribe muscle relaxers....which I don't want! What I need is a massage! Oh well......

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Mary said...

Your portrait is coming along nicely, Paula. I'll keep watching for it!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

thanks Mary! I have two other progress photos to post, but blogger is not working so I can't get the photos to load. Oh well, maybe today?!