Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Blogger

Finally switched over to the new version of blogger. So far, I like it much more than old version! I have already changed the template and colors. I would like to eventually add more links to my website, etc. If there is anything you would like to suggest, let me know in the comments.


Mary said...

Lovely vibrant piece for your new blog, Paula. Very nice work. I read your post about your dad coming to see you from El Paso and it made me nostalgic. I was born there and still have family there.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks for your nice words! How interesting you are from El Paso, I actually grew up close by in Las Cruces, NM. My dad has lived in El Paso since 1986. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Cynthia said...

Woohoo, a convert! It's really not so bad is it? I been reading a lot of "blog hacking" blogs lately and learned how to add tabs to my blog which are label driven. I haven't applied it to my main blog yet, because I would have to change all the labels, otherwise I would have a gazillion tabs. But, it offers a way to organize your posts for your readers to find info and photos more easily. I did apply it to a new blog that I'm doing for my daughter's school auction You can see what it will look like. I only have 2 posts right now since I was waiting for the pricipal's approval. We just got the go ahead, so now I will be adding more posts regularly.

Your blog looks good!