Monday, October 30, 2006

A New Week And A New Daily Painting!

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Here is today's daily painting, another 8 x 10 oil painting on canvas board. This one I'm calling 'Happy Sun', actually, I think it named itself. I didn't even have to think about it. The auction will start this evening, I will post a link later.

My back is killing me today, it went out this morning when I woke up. Probably all the mats I cut last week! Happily, the order was shipped out on Saturday.

Now it's back to painting! The rest of today is dedicated to working on the portrait commission. I need to have it done this week. I will try to post a new progress photo by tomorrow.

It is really feeling like fall now, after the time change and cooler weather. I love the fall season, all the beautiful colors, crisp air, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the beginning of the Holiday season! The bosque trees are differing colors of yellow, orange, brown and red! I will try to post some photos if I get the chance.

Back to the studio, time to paint!


Gramercy Galleria said...

Oh Paula, I love this!!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks so much!!


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful painting, Paula.

I love fall too! The riot of colors is almost finished here in Denver now, especially since we've had a couple of snow storms already. I would say it's my favorite season, but I always welcome each change equally. Have a good day and I hope your back feels better!

Jessica Torrant said...

I love your paintings and I'm so happy to have discovered your blog this evening! And in regard to another post, I know what you mean about the cleaning - facing a studio makeover myself right now and dreading it!! I'll be sure to check back now for more great art :)

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Your kind words made my day! :)

yanook said...