Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween?

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That was strange, I'm typing out my blog when it automatically publishes itself??? I don't think I hit the button, heck, I know I didn't! It happened while I was typing, and then I lost everything I was typing! Strange!

Anyway, I was typing before that happened, I'm just not in a Halloween mood this year. My kids aren't little and cute, I don't have any ideas for a costume and there are no parties going on this year. Oh well.

Anyway, today's daily painting doesn't have a name, nothing came to me today. Another floral spiral abstract. I am still enjoying painting these, hope everyone isn't getting bored with them! Another 8 x 10 oil painting on canvas board. Auction will start this evening.

Worked on the portrait commission this morning, not ready to post another progress photo yet. I may work on it more this afternoon. I have a lot of other work to do though. I have orders to ship and a studio to clean up. Usually I am much better prepared for the holiday rush! I still have many, many originals to list in my etsy shop. Can't sell them if they aren't listed, right?

I have had some great correspondence with other artists online this week. The online community of artists is so wonderful! Everyone helping each other out and providing inspiration. It is such a welcome change to the days when I had no connection to the outside world! I love the fact that I can easily make connections with people from all over the world! I never would have believed it 10 years ago. Thanks to all my new online artist friends for making that connection!


shoozles said...

I love these Paula,

Floral Spirals Sigh! I must remember to look every day to see what you are up to. I have plans to do a blog about your pieces and our connection.

Thanks for the daily inspiration

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks shoozles! You are an inspiration to me as well!