Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Late start today

Here is today's daily journal painting #1. I may paint two today. Taking a break to post the first one. Once again, this is an 8 x 10 inch oil on canvas. The auction begins this afternoon, I'll add the link once it starts.

Also working on the portrait commission. Hope to have it finished by the end of next week.

There is way too much I need to do as usual. All the office work I always put off. One of the problems with being a professional artist, all the paperwork! Many people don't realize that being an artist is like any other business. Databases, mailing lists, promotion, web site updates and on and on. Of course I have to do it all or it doesn't get done. One of my goals in life is to be able to hire an assistant to take care of all that. Although I wonder if I ever will because I'm a little bit of a control freak.

So, back to painting I go.....(way to put off the office work, Paula! :)

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Second Daily Journal painting for today. Auction for this one starts this evening. I'm now off to work on my portrait commission!


Anonymous said...

Another lovely painting, Paula!

I know what you mean about all the paper work...only adds to everything.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks Cynthia!