Monday, June 12, 2006

Trip to the Salinas Ruins

This last Saturday, the 10th, was mine and Aaron's 9th wedding anniversary. We had hoped to spend the day hiking to the top of the Sandias, but thanks to stupid people and high fire danger the mountain is closed! How can you close an entire mountain?? So, instead of a hike, we took a short drive southeast of Albuquerque to check out the Salinas pueblo ruins.

We visited two different sites, there are 3 total. But, since we have recently visited the third site on Memorial Day, we decided to skip that one this time. These pueblos were occupied up until the 1600s when water was scarce and most of the people moved closer to the Rio Grande river valley and the more modern pueblos. I'm posting some of the photos I took there.

I plan to do some paintings from some of these as well as making prints from some of the photos themselves. I just love visiting these sites, they are so mysterious and beautiful! I always feel a presence when I am there. I am sure there are still many spirits living there. These pueblos did not escape the oppression of the Spanish explorers, as all three of the sites have both Spanish mission churches and Kivas.
It is obvious why they were abandoned, there is no sign of water anywhere and man is it hot! So, check back soon to see the paintings that will inevitably come out of this day trip!

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pia said...

Happy anniversary!
The photo's are beautiful, and I will be back