Monday, April 10, 2006

At the Library

I'm taking somewhat of a field trip today. I needed to take a trip to the library anyway to pick up and drop off books. So, I decided to bring along the laptop and make a day of it. With my middle son home this week(I'd rather not talk about why), I needed to get away from the house for some good old peace and quiet. What better place than the library right? Wrong! The trip downtown was ok, I rode the city Rapid Ride bus to get down here, enjoying the beautiful weather and the walk through downtown. The first place I chose to sit in the library, there's a homeless guy sitting behind me, quiet at first, then he starts to hum! So I wait for a little while thinking maybe he'll stop. He didn't! So now I'm on the other side of the building. It's better here.

I think what I really need is some time to myself in a far away, secluded location. Preferably in the mountains with a running brook and chirping birds! If only! I guess I can go there in my mind if nothing else!

I'm currently working on my next painting in the rock series. It is a scene of rocks from a great little New Mexico state park called "City of Rocks". I wrote about our visit in my last post. I have decided to mix my landscapes with my abstracts and incorporate some of the line designs into the rocks. I'm excited about the direction my art is heading. Although I must admit I'm a little apprehensive about the change. I want people to like it, but more and more I know it should not matter. What does matter however, is that my art is continuing to grow and will never be boring or stagnant. I would rather stop creating all together than to keep painting the same thing over and over again. I seriously don't understand how some artists do that. My problem with that is there are so many things out there to paint, why get stuck doing the same thing all the time?

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