Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another busy week

Once again, I have let way too many days go by since my last post. It's hard to decide what to blog about and for some reason I'm afraid to get too personal still. Not sure why....After reading the blogs of a couple of my artist friends, Amy and Chris Schelling, I've decided that I'm just being a wimp! Why not spill my guts here?

So here goes!
The past couple weeks have been crazy around here. I've been trying hard to concentrate on my art work and all the many tasks involved in selling, promoting, etc. During the day, I get plenty of work done, but as soon as 3pm rolls around and the kids and Aaron get home.....forget about it! So, I'm seriously considering moving my studio/office out of the house again. When I moved it back to the house it was because the boys were living with their dad and there was so much extra space, it didn't make sense to pay rent for an outside studio. So now that reasoning doesn't work anymore!
The ultimate dream would be to open an art center with room for other artist's studios, a gallery and a classroom. Don't know if that will happen right away. The hard part is going to be finding a place to rent that we can afford. Hopefully, I can convince an artist friend of mine (JO!)to share a space with me. We've talked about it, but the hard part is getting her to commit to it. The best thing is that Aaron is now interested in getting his own music going again, so he'll need to have a classroom space for private students. So he will be onboard with getting a place.
As with everything I want to do, the biggest issue is money, isn't that always the way?! So.....I'm caught in a catch 22...I know I could make more money if I had an outside studio/shop...but I need money to get the space...but I need the place to make more....etc!
So...if anyone has any suggestions or knows of a place to rent in Albuquerque, NM...please let me know!
Other than that, I've actually made a step towards showing my art in a gallery again. I've shown my new work to 2 different galleries and both said they would be interested in showing my work! Funny, because only a couple weeks ago I was saying I didn't want anything to do with galleries anymore. Of course, it helps that I personally know the owners of both galleries. That made it easier to approach them. I don't know why I have such a hard time with my confidence! Inside I feel like I am meant to be a artist and that someday I WILL be world famous! Why can't I have that attitude on the outside? It was good for me to read Chris' blog for that reason. He's got the outer ego that I need! So I guess I'll just learn from him and try to be more egocentric. Maybe not quite as much as Chris...it's just not my personality...but enough to have confidence in my art.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother writing all this mess. Does anyone even read this??? I guess it would help if I could get an email out to everyone telling them about it! :)

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