Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back to the studio - Again!

Not long after my last post, I got a call from the lady running the arts and crafts show at the fair, telling me there was an open space for the last weekend of the fair. Sooooo, I spent another weekend at the fair. This time I took my beads and spent my time wisely making jewelry. It was fun and more people bought chokers since I was making them right there. I even gave a couple of knotting lessons!
Now I'm back in the studio again, where I left off. I spent yesterday browsing reference photos for an idea of what I want to paint. I get bored so easily, always on to a new subject. A customer at the fair this weekend pointed out the wide range of subject matter I do, I told her I have a short attention span. The truth is, there is so much out there to paint and I only have so much time on earth! I want to paint everything! I guess I will eventually have to narrow it down a little, but I still haven't found that one thing I love to paint more than anything. Until I do, I'll continue to paint whatever subject catches my attention for the day. So I'm currently on an animal kick (maybe it's the state fair influence!) I painted a bald eagle yesterday and I may do a horse today. Still haven't decided. I've just finished another group of peace paintings, these are the "Peace Wave" series. More abstract, which I like for loosening up after I haven't painted in a while.

Off to paint!

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