Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Butterfly Series

Finished four new paintings, actually sketches for future larger paintings, following along
the butterfly path. (See the butterfly blessing blog) Inspired by real butterflies, I gave
them a little abstract twist all my own. I have these four new sketches scheduled for auction
on Ebay. The larger versions will most likely be saved for my next solo show. I need to get
busy planning that show in fact.
I have been having a hard time staying motivated lately. It is the end of summer for Aaron
and the boys, so maybe it's just that lazy end of summer feeling. I hate to always look forward
to the future and not enjoy the present, but I do look forward to school starting up so I can
get more work done. Too many distractions in the house right now!
I'm posting the new paintings, let me know what you think.

Butterfly Blessing #1

Butterfly Blessing #2

Butterfly Blessing #3

Butterfly Blessing #4

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