Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Work, finally!

I have finally finished a new painting! I haven't titled it yet, but it is a 20" square oil painting on canvas. I was looking for a different shape to the flower petals and really liked the shape of this flower. Don't ask me what type of flower it is as I don't know. I tried to find out but couldn't find it anywhere. If anyone can tell me that would be great. This is obviously an abstracted image of the flower, but the real thing is a tiny little blossom.


Julie D'Arcy said...

Love the new painting! I do especially like the shape of the flower petals, don't know what they are though.
I happened to come over here from uglyshitonetsy's blog, to compliment you on your comment. I think this person's picks are hilarious--I even sent him a couple of suggestions from my own shop that I thought could use a little (no-such-thing-as) bad publicity... didn't realize he/she had a policy against it.
Anyway, glad to share the same opinion and same town with you! (We were also in that Duke City Fix show together a while back, though I don't think we ever met.)
Julie D'Arcy

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I think flower name doesn't matter. I will try to find it out and will let you inform. But I like the idea you choose is great. Great work carron. Thanks for sharing.

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Mary said...

Paula, I'm glad to see your spirits up and seeing you will start painting daily. Nice paintings I had not seen!

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Forget the flower name just look on your work. Its wonderful.

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Archita Singh said...

That's very thoughtful!

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JafaBrit's Art said...

I like the shape of the petals too and how you painted this. Seems you have been super busy with your gallery (a good thing). Hope all is well.