Friday, December 08, 2006

New Lettered Mats!

Today I'm working on something a little different. I call these my lettered photo mats. The top one is currently for sale in my Etsy shop. They are all 10 x 20 inch mats. The Peace mat has 3 x 4 inch letters and the baby mats have 4 x 6 inch letters. I have filled the Peace mat with small giclee prints of my daily journal paintings. The baby mats are left empty so you can add your own 4 x 6 snapshots. The Peace mats are selling for $25 as it has my prints in it and the baby mats are going for $15.

I can also cut custom lettered mats with any name or word you would like. I plan to put up a listing for the custom lettered mats and they will go for $20.


Cynthia said...

These are too cool! Did you cut these yourself? Wow...My daughter would be so into these.

I think this is a terrific idea! Can't wait to take a trip to your shop.

Your new painting also looks like it's coming along nicely!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks Cynthia!
I saw something similar to these at the State Fair and decided to try them out for myself. I'm going to do more designs once I have more time.

I have worked on the painting since this photo, I will try to post a new progress photo today sometime.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Oh and yes, I did cut these.

Cynthia said...

I just marked one of these as a favorite in Etsy...hoping to have some spending money after the holidays!