Monday, December 04, 2006

Great Hike in the Snow!

Yesterday, my hubby and I went for a great hike in the Sandias east of town. It was a little chilly, so we left around noon. The sun was out so once we got going it was perfectly warm. The cold air on the face was so invigorating that we made it farther than we expected. Ended up having to turn back because of the snow!

For anyone not familiar with New Mexico, we DO get snow here! In fact, there are several ski areas in the state. The amazing thing to me is that we can hop in the car, drive about 5 minutes east of town and hike up the mountain to the snow in a couple hours. I think it is this fact alone that has kept us living in the city for so long. We are both nature freaks and if it wasn't for the escape the mountains provide us, we would have moved away from Albuquerque years ago. Enjoy the photos!

Today, I'm working on cleaning and organizing so I can get more work done this week! I have such a hard time concentrating on work when the house is a mess. That has got to be the main pitfall with working from home.


Jessica Torrant said...

Oh my, those pictures are amazing! I had the pleasure of driving through New Mexico in December 97 and saw my first snow of the year (going from CA to CT). It was so beautiful and so different from the southwest I had seen in August on my trip out to CA. I felt so connected to NM when I was there in the winter and could imagine being very happy living there! If I did, I am sure I'd live much like you - as close to nature as I can get! Isn't it wonderful that as artists we can choose that life vs. the city life, all because of the internet? I am grateful for that every day I go for a walk in the woods, or ship a painting somewhere far away from my local yocal Post Office, and I'm so happy to see another friendly face "living the dream"!!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the country with us!, Jess

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

The internet is wonderful! What's amazing is that 6 years ago when I first hooked up to the internet, I never would have dreamed that I could make my living based on sales made almost exclusively from the internet! Someday, we hope to move way deep into the moutains of New Mexico and all we will need is a satellite connection and a local post office! I am happy to hear that you too are living the dream!

And thanks for the comment on the photos, I just adore New Mexico, I grew up here and it is my home! I have lived a few other places including Hawaii, Colorado and Tennessee and I have always come home! At this point in my life, I doubt I will ever leave again other than for vacation or business trips!

Jessica Torrant said...

That's so great, Paula. I really relate to everything you've said, and hope to be living deeper in the woods myself someday! Thanks for your comments on my new painting, too. :)