Monday, November 20, 2006

Final Portrait

Here it is, the final portrait! The client has seen it, approved it, picked the frame and I am almost done getting it ready to go! Everyone was right, btw, he loved it!

Today I'm working on cutting mats and cleaning house. My brother and his wife are coming up from Las Cruces to visit, so everyone will be at our house for dinner tonight. I'm making beef stew in the crock pot, so I can still get my work done during the day.

I'm really excited about finishing the portrait and mats because that means I can get back to working on MY art! I am going to get back to my flower spiral abstract series, as I have a gallery show in December to get ready for. I will let you know more about that as I know. What I know so far is the gallery is in Gallup, New Mexico and it is a new gallery for me. The owner saw my work at the state fair in September and invited me to show in his grand reopening in December. They are moving into a new building at the moment. Once I get more info I will post more.

Not much else exciting happening. Holiday season is upon us and I am in a rush to get everything together. I have lots of new things to post in my etsy shop, hopefully they have worked out all the bugs for the new V2 by the time I get around to listing everything.

Anyway, I'd better get back to work, hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Cynthia said...

The final portrait is wonderful! Congratulations.

Yay, I'm looking forward to seeing your new work, and how exciting to have the gallery show coming up!

Enjoy your family's visit and have a great Thanksgiving!

Jessica Torrant said...

It looks WONDERFUL!! Have a great Thanksgiving! :)

jafabrit said...

It really is a knockout.

happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks Cynthia, Jessica and Jafabrit! It means so much coming from other artists!

Have a wonderful Holiday!