Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summer has now taken over!

In case anyone was wondering or cares, summer has taken over and I am having a hard time fighting back anymore! It has been a struggle but I have decided to just let go and relax!

My mom and her husband have invited my husband and I to take a trip with them to Moab, Utah next week. Tuesday, my boys leave to visit their dad and Wednesday we leave for 4 days/3 nights in Moab and then down to Durango and Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings. I have been to Durango before, but never to Moab or Mesa Verde, so I am soooooo excited. I plan to take the camera and laptop, so I will come back with many pictures to share. If the hotel has internet connection I may post some before I come home. I'll have to wait and see.

Anyone who knows me just a little will know that Moab and Mesa Verde are like candy to me, I can hardly wait to see the rock formations and cliff dwellings!

I think the best part is getting away from home for a little while and hopefully I will be inspired to come home and paint, paint, paint!!! I seriously need a change of scenery and some inspiration!

So, depending on the internet situation, it could be a week before I post again. I promise to get into a more regular posting schedule when we return. Until then.........:)

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The Artist said...

Hope you have had an inspiring break.

I have moved my blog Winsome Gunning Art Walk to a new domain. The web address is and do hope I hear from you some time over there, with best wishes, The Artist