Monday, July 17, 2006

Arches National Park

Ready to post the photos I took in Arches and Canyonlands. The trip was absolutely amazing, we hiked over 9 miles and I took around 75 photos. I could have taken thousands and it would not have been enough to capture the beauty and size of the rock formations. I would have to recommend going there in person as that is the only way to fully appreciate the experience! I plan to do several paintings of different arches, I can hardly wait to get started! We purposely didn't see all of the arches, that way we HAVE to go back! Besides, after the first 8 miles, my knee started bothering me so we were unable to hike further. It sucks to get old.

I am working on putting together a collage of our greatly missed puppy dog, Rigby Roo. Most of the photos I have of her are on regular film, so I have to scan them all first. I will post it once I get it done.

Below are a couple sample photos from the trip, I will post more later.

Delicate Arch, taken from across the canyon. By the time we came to this arch, I was unable to hike so we viewed it from the opposite cliff.

North and South Arches, the rocks are watching you!


Hot Mommy said...

i can't wait to see the paintings that come out of this. i still have the littel framed piece from when emily was born. yup, the rock formations were always one of my favorites in your series'.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks so much, hm. I am looking forward to it myself! I purposely saved some of the better photos I took, in case I decide to paint them. I will post more once I decide which ones to paint.


jafabrit said...

Boy these are lovely. I too look forward to seeing what paintings come out of your trip :)