Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Spiral Flower Abstract

This is the newest painting in my Spiral Abstract Series. "Daisy" is a watermixable oil painting on canvas measuring 16 x 20"(inches). The sides are painted so it may be hung as is. The inspiration for this painting is the beautiful Daisies that my husband planted for me in the backyard. I plan to continue this series of floral abstracts indefinately. It may sound sappy, but flowers make me happy!

This painting will be going up for auction Saturday on eBay. I will add a link once the auction starts.


The Artist said...

Hi Paula, enjoyed your comment and interested in your site. Your blog about Artist's speaking out on war interested me. I do feel as artists we need to express our truth, and often our fine antennae allows us to feel what is happening before it manifests in other ways. Many artists left Germany before World War 2 broke out.
I know I have strong feelings about `The Environment' at present and the need for us all `to work together to create change', best wishes, Winsome

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Don't even get me started on the environment! :) I think change must become inevitable if we want to continue to live on this planet!

Cynthia said...

Very Nice...I'm on a floral binge right now myself!!! Nothing sappy about it at all...I'll have to check your other entries since I haven't been back in awhile.

oh the environment...don't even get me going!

jafabrit said...

Well your painting is beautiful and a reminder of what nature blesses us with and that we should treasure it.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Thanks for your kind comment! I had never looked at it that way, but I like it! Thanks for visiting my blog again!
Thanks for coming back to visit my blog. I checked out your 30 day challenge on your blog. Great idea! I need to do the same thing, its been too long since I've painted everyday.


Hot Mommy said...

I really like the daisy series, nice! So the future destination is WI, I know your probably not surprised at that. The housing, jobs, and scenery just have so much more to offer the hot-clan. How goes it with you?

cutemama said...


The daisy is just lovely, it allows a person to have a garden in bloom all year long. The center is really well done with the fuzzyness(sorry I don't know the artist official term).

BTW when I was a little girl I had 4 pet ducks their names were:
Tulip, Rose, Sunflower, and Daisy!