Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First day of summer break.

I guess I didn't need to complain about everyone being home for summer. The boys are teenagers so of course they were out of here pretty quick to go hang out with their friends.

Today I have been working on getting my website updated and also finishing up my latest newsletter. I have been working on it for far too long. I just want to make sure it's good.

At the beginning of May I started selling on a new website
It is a cool site that only allows handmade items. So, unlike ebay, I'm not in competition with a bunch of mass produced prints and such. There are some really great handmade things on Etsy, great place to go for gifts or for yourself.

I have also been surfing on blog explosion a lot, working on getting more traffic to my blog. I have found some cool new blogs to read and hope to get the links added here soon.

This morning I spent some time cleaning the studio up. The dust has been blowing incessantly and I have to clean more often so I can work! I wish there were some way to have a totally dust free home! You would think I would be used to it after living in the desert most of my life!

This pottery watercolor is my most recent painting. The design is completely my own. I have wanted to do a series of pots using my own designs for many years. Only recently do I have the confidence to actually go through with it! I plan to do a complete series of these pots. If you are interested in buying this painting, click HERE.


jafabrit said...

I try to get my BE surfing done in the mornings, along with BlogSoldiers too. I have seen some really cool sites because of BE.
I like your painting.

Tim said...

Hi Paula~ Nice Blog (nice Ebay setup, too!). You stopped by my blog a few days ago, and left a comment, so I tracked you down here~ glad I did! I like your work a lot, and it sure sounds like you have many experiences not so different from my own. I've been on Etsy since around last Nov. 95% of my income comes from eBay, though. I've tried many different on-line sites lately-- drop me an email if you would like to discuss any of that. Tim~ tsk Design

Tim said...

Forgot two things~ first, Wow! Your schools are already shut for summer? I think my kids have at least another month to go. Second~ I blogrolled you. Tim