Thursday, March 09, 2006

wiped out!

I have been wiped out the past couple of weeks with illness. It started last week with an allergy attack for 3 days, started feeling better on Friday and we made a trip down to Las Cruces and El Paso to visit my dad, brother and sister-in-law. We came home on Sunday and woke up Monday morning to an awful, nasty stomach flu. Aaron and I both were hit with it and today I'm still feeling pretty weak. I'm going stir crazy however, and decided that I'm working today no matter what. I'm still not going down to the shop though, I would hate to pass this nasty sickness on to anyone!

Monday was also my oldest son, Bryan's 20th birthday! Man do I feel old, even though I know I'm not THAT old! It still seems odd to think that it's been 20 years since my adventure in adulthood began! I do have to say how proud I am of him though, going to college, working full time. He's just a good kid! OOPS, he's a good adult! I guess he'll always be a kid to me.

I had hoped to get several new paintings posted last week, illness got in my way, so it will have to wait until I get caught up with everything. So, by next week I plan to have new original listings up on Ebay and here on the blog.

Stay tuned in for more!

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veronica said...

Hola mi amiga,
It's been forever. I miss you. I miss the Harwood. e-mail me! Dave misses guitar with Aaron, too.

Brava, painting your inner workings and truth. I too am working in abstracts along with the other pieces for Market.

I'm jazzed eBay has worked for you.