Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So you say it's your birthday?

Well, it's my birthday too, yeah!

Goodie, Goodie! I have to admit, this is the first year that I'm not very thrilled to be celebrating another birthday. What's to celebrate? I'm another year closer to the grave and I still have so much I want to accomplish with my life. Where have the past 36 years gone? I started seriously working as an artist 15 years ago! I have to remind myself that there was a five year break in there, and it didn't help that my first husband sabotaged my business so I had to start over again 5 years ago. So I guess I should look at the 10 lost years as my training period. I learned ALOT during those 10 years, mostly what NOT to do!

I have to also remind myself that people now look to me for advice on being an artist. There was a time when I had to ask questions of others, now they ask questions of me. My ultimate goal is to be a mentor to young artists just starting out. Mainly because it's hard to find a mentor for myself.

I remember when I was 21 and starting out, I thought 36 was OLD! Now I'm here and I don't FEEL that old. Of course my 89 year old great aunt calls me a spring chicken! Coming from her, I guess that's true. I guess I'm looking forward to what the next 50 years has in store for me. In 5 years I'll be entering another phase of my life..."the empty nest years". I must admit, I'm looking forward to those years! These days I'm very happy that I started having kids when I was too young, because I will still be young when they are grown. Time is just strange.

I may write more later today...I'm still trying to come to terms with my birthday!

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