Friday, October 28, 2005


Not that it matters, since I have to work thru the weekend as well. Weekends at the outdoor market are fun though. This will be our last weekend out there for this year. The weather keeps getting worse, colder, rainy, etc. Only on Saturday of course!

My cousins from Vermont arrived with their moving truck yesterday. So we spent the afternoon helping them unload the truck. Today I'll be giving a tour of Albuquerque to my cousin who is leaving to go back to Vermont tomorrow. Wish he could stay longer. Oh well.

Not alot to write about today, I have to get some work done before I pick up my cousin at 1:00. Finishing up another spiral abstract painting today,....I hope. I still have alot of detail work to do. I will try to post new paintings by Monday.

Finally figured out how to get the subscription box into my blog! What a pain! So, please sign up to receive email updates whenever I post a new blog!

Until later.......

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