Thursday, September 15, 2005

State Fair

I spent the past 5 days (Fri. - Tues) sitting my art booth out at the New Mexico State Fair. It was fun to meet other artists and other people from around the state and even some from out of state. The days were long, the food was expensive, but the atmosphere was festive! I hope to have a booth for the entire fair next year. This year I only had enough money and energy for the first 5 days. There are still 12 more to go before the fair ends. So now I'm finally back to work in my studio. Lots of orders that need to go out, and lots of mess to clean up since the boys were home alone in the evenings while I was there. I was also reminded why I stopped doing arts and crafts type shows. I made my booth fee back, but not much extra, considering all the hours I had to put in, I wonder if it's worth it. While it was lots of fun, it wasn't very profitable. Sometimes, like today, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels, but not getting anywhere. Aaron and I have been talking more lately about opening the Art Center we've always dreamed of. I think we'll start looking for a building in January, once the Christmas season is over. I have at least 4 other artists interested in studio space, so I think it could work. We shall see! Back to work!!!

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