Monday, August 22, 2005

too long

It's been way too long since I've posted anything, so here goes. Again, I'm having trouble deciding what to write about. So I guess I'll just write about what's been happening. Life has been hectic lately, with getting the boys back in school, selling lots of prints, the same old housework crap, etc, etc.

My dad came up to visit this past weekend in his brand new mustang convertible! He let me drive it around all day Saturday, what a blast! I want one now! Yeah, right, like we could afford one!

Sunday at the flea market, my canopy was blown away by a huge dustdevil! The amazing thing about it was that nothing on my tables was moved! As I was trying to hold down the canopy(I was actually lifted off the ground!), I was looking at the prints and praying that they wouldn't get blown away. Well, as soon as the canopy blew away and landed on top of my neighbors canopy, I looked at the booth and realized that not a single thing was out of place! Not even my business cards moved! Pretty amazing I must say, considering that the canopy is a twisted mess! Thank God for that one. Wind can be nasty at outdoor markets and I've had many prints destroyed in the past, but for some reason I was spared this time. Strange day, I think I was in shock most of the afternoon and evening.

Today is my day off, yeah right, its more like my day to clean house, do laundry, etc. No "business" work today. Last week I started putting originals back up on Ebay, I plan to start listing more every week leading up to Christmas.

As for painting, still working on the butterfly blessing series. Only doing small paintings still. I'm not sure if I'll do larger ones, butterflies work well as small watercolors, in my opinion anyway. I won't paint any large ones for sure until I come up with a design I really like. Well, time to check the laundry, what an exciting life! :)

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