Sunday, May 01, 2005

Blog Replaces Newsletter

It has been a couple of years since I published my last newletter. I used to send my newsletters out quarterly on a very regular basis. Now that I have discovered blogging, this will replace my old newsletters. I plan to use my blog to keep everyone up to date on my art activities. As my first and last semester back at college (it's a long story! maybe I'll get to it later) is soon to end, I will have much more time for weekly and possibly daily posting. Daily is probably a little far fetched with my habits! I hope to put up pictures of my latest artworks and discuss some of my ideas for future art. My primary goal is to make this a forum for keeping in touch with my art fans and giving them a little peek inside my head. This could get scary so watch out! It seems everyone loves a little reality show these days! So please come back often and if you plan to reply to my posts, please be nice! We artists can be sensitive! :)


Paula :)

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BCLilly4life said...

Hi Paula
Thats really cool that your blogging for your fans I have just started a blog myself I love writing poems and such but anyways...I am excited to see your work i love art so thanks for sharing (: